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Are we there yet?

At some point in life, we come to an awareness  that something is missing and hunger for something more.

That can come at a very young age or after achieving numerous goals  and finding that life is still empty.

It can come after responding to the Gospel of salvation by grace,  

having a “mountain-top experience,”  or spending years or decades in Christian service, and then . . . . wondering 

“Is this all there is?”  

The message of the Christian life God intends for you is an emphatic “No!”   

Jesus promised an abundant life,  and He loves you and wants you to experience it! 

Regardless of where you are, Jesus invites you to join Him   on the most exciting and fulfilling adventure life has to offer.   Beginning your spiritual journey starts with saying  “Yes” to God and to the pattern of His kingdom.   

He leads us into a series of experiences to help us learn about  ourselves, our gifts, our sin, and His holiness.   These messages are written to encourage you in your 

Journey to Be Like Jesus  



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