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RTF LogoRestoring the Foundations

Restoring the Foundations (RTF) is an integrated approach to healing ministry.  It explains why we need healing, and some of the scriptural basis for the methodologies used in RTF. It assumes you have a belief in God and that you have received salvation by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8-10) in the provision God has made for you in the shed blood of Jesus Christ when He died on a cross for our sins (I Peter 1:18-19).

Life is not perfect

The need for healing comes from problems and issues.  The first step to healing is realizing the problem. Life is not perfect; no one has ever had an easy life. We all feel pain from what others have done to us, from addictions and compulsions, and from our own actions. Quite often, we try to simply cover up what has happened and move on, even though the past still haunts us. Many people feel that life cannot be much better. So the question remains:

Can we be healed, and if so how much?

Salvation is an opportunity for Freedom, not just a ticket to Heaven

Almost all Christians believe that Jesus’ death removes the burden of our sins that would otherwise condemn us to Hell and keep us from God. However, Christ’s death was not simply a ticket to heaven, but a path to freedom. We must admit that when we accepted Christ into our lives, all of our problems did not simply go away. We still sin, though maybe not as much; the negativities of life still exist. So when we accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior, why didn’t these issues go away? The healing accompanying atonement for sin goes only as far as we allow it. We can choose to keep our hurts, or we can release them to Jesus. We can either forgive all those who have influenced us to sin and release them from owing us anything, or we can remain bound. Christ paid the price for all sins.  God wants us to be transformed (Romans 12:2). The question that remains for each of us is:  

How do we appropriate the power of the cross to gain

freedom in every area in which we struggle?

Legal ties

Laws are put into place to keep civil order and conduct. Where laws do not exist (or are not enforced), corruption and violence flourish. Laws can also keep things fair or correct. The laws of gravity area one example: what goes up must come down. 

The spiritual realm also has laws, one of which is that what we sow, we will also reap (Galatians 6:7; Hosea 10:12). We can either choose God’s will for our lives everyday, or not. God wants to share His life with us, but He allows us to choose.  Even the smallest sin separates us from having fellowship with God. Fortunately, with Christ we still have a way to be reconciled (I John 1:9).  Unfortunately, legal ties still have precedence in everyone’s life, and wrong ones prevent us from becoming more Christ-like. How do we find out what legal ties exist? This is an in-depth process covering multiple areas, though it is surprisingly simple. Two of the primary legal ties to Satan’s world are:

False declarations

One of the simplest legal ties to understand is a declaration. The things we speak also apply spiritually, just like when we asked Jesus to be our Savior. From the time when we turned our lives over to the Lordship of Jesus, we have belonged to him.  Nonetheless, we can create legal declarations with Satan by what we say, think, and do.  An example is when we say “I will always fail on the first try” or “No one will ever love me.”  In making such statements, we are accepting Satan’s lies, thereby agreeing with Satan and not with God (Genesis 3:1-6). It is Satan and his demons who want us to believe those things, as they keep us from experiencing God’s blessings. Even if we no longer consciously believe these lies, we still need to break the agreements, which are actually with Satan, or they will continue to effect our lives and our relationships.

Refusal to forgive

Forgiveness is another key legal tie and intertwines in all of Restoring The Foundation’s four main ministry areas. Forgiveness can seem impossible at times, but it must be done to break the legal tie and to free both parties. When we are wronged and refuse to forgive, we actually are being disobedient to God’s command to forgive. Christ commanded us to forgive everyone, regardless of the wrong (Mark 11:25, Colossians 3:13).  In refusing to forgive, we make an agreement with Satan that results in a negative spiritual bond with that person. Once we forgive the party, we break agreement with Satan, and all parties are more equipped to change. God then forgives us for holding that sin in our hearts.  Forgiveness of ourselves also is critical, even though it may be extremely difficult if we feel we have “messed up badly.”  God wants us to be free from all un-forgiveness!

The freedom that God desires for all of His children can be achieved through The RTF Thorough Ministry Format.