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If anyone wants to get a feel for GAFCON 2, they should go to the opening day video

highlight at The experience was incredible, and the All Saints Cathedral vocal group Divine Voices was absolutely phenomenal. You could feel God’s presence all around us. Personally, I never thought in my life that I would ever see Canadians and the English dancing in the aisles, but they were. And you could feel a global movement beginning to take hold with possibly a glimpse into what the East African Revival must have felt like during the 1930s. While I’ve always been an “Anglican” and have attended Anglican services outside the United States, this was the first time that I truly felt a kindred spirit with brothers and sisters from all around the world. The theme “We are not alone!” was very appropriate. 

I attended the tract on Islam, and what personalized it for me was spending time with people from Kenya, Uganda, Congo, and Nigeria. No matter what I have read or seen on TV, it pales compared to being with people that live it day-to-day, listening to their stories and their needs, and, of course, praying with them. Since I’ve been back, I’ve received correspondence from two people from Uganda and will keep them in my daily prayers.

Also, the daily Bible study on Ephesians was extremely uplifting and gave insights into the thought processes of those outside the United States, which again reinforced the theme that we are not alone. In the past two weeks, I keep remembering different parts of the GAFCON experience, and pray that we can keep the movement alive.

(top photograph by Stephen Sizer, GAFCON, Rev. Sammy Wainaina and ‘Divine Voices’ ; bottom photograph by Andrew Gross, ACNA, miniconference, Day 3)