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Here and Coming . . . as it is in heaven

By Dr. Bill Atwood

This book presents an introduction to living in the Kingdom of God here and now instead of just waiting to inherit it in the future.  When Jesus taught, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as in heaven,” He intended us to pray, work, and long for things on earth to become like they are in heaven.  This book seeks to help people make progress in living that out. 


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Section 1: The Kingdom of God is at Hand

Introducing the Kingdom

 Three Patterns of the Kingdom

Three Patterns for Ministry

Three Laws of the Kingdom

Three Principles of the Kingdom

Three Battlegrounds

Three Resources


Section 2:  The Lord’s Prayer

Three Aspects of the Father

Three Perspectives on Time

Three Kingdom Economics

Three Freedoms of the Kingdom

Three Kingdom Struggles

Three Facets of the Kingdom


Section 3:  The Kingdom – Now and When

Three Venues for Now

Three Commands for Now

Three Kingdom Prizes for When

Conclusion:  How Then Shall We Live?