The 2013 GAFCON 2 was held in Nairobi, Kenya, where more than 1300 Anglican Bishops, clergy, and laity committed themselves to outreach, witness, and building networks of orthodox Anglicans around the world.  The delegates at the Global Anglican Future Conference finished the week-long meeting by vowing to expand the activities of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, established after the first GAFCON in 2008. Delegates worked on the conference communique and commitment throughout the week, with input from a meeting of Bishops and Archbishops.  They also attended mini-conferences on subjects such as marriage and family, Islam, theological education, children and youth, women and Gospel and culture. 





The meeting ended with the reading of the Communique by Drs. John and Ruth Senyony.  It was received by joyous celebration. (photograph by Russell Powell, GAFCON)

Our own Diocese was well represented, and reflections from the following delegates are available:  iDio Chancellor Jeff Garrety, Fr. Chuck Thebeau, Deacon Bates Richmond, and Rachael Thebeau.

Transcripts of some of the messages available here: