Kenya and Tanzania, 2012



In March, 2012, Bishop Atwood visited Kenya, where he is Suffragan Bishop, and Tanzania.  In Dodoma, Tanzania, he spoke at the National Youth Leaders gathering.  The booming Anglican Church in Tanzania has about 2.6 million people involved in their youth ministry. In their culture, people are considered part of the ‘youth ministry’ even up to age forty!

Bishop Atwood's presentation was on Daniel, who resisted the "delicacies" offered by the king.  Bishop Atwood used this test in Daniel's life to demonstrate how the world tries to tempt us with its delicacies, which seem sweet in the beginning but become bitter and cause all sorts of destruction.

Bishop Atwood-Tanzania2012

From left: Bishop Bill Atwood, Prem (the outgoing leader of youth ministry in Tanzania), Archbishop Valentine Mokiwa, Johnson Mgimba (the incoming youth ministry chair), and Caroline Masanja (vice-chair).