Emmaus Anglican Church, Castle Rock, Colorado


Emmaus Anglican church is a small but vibrant church!

Emmaus leaders



From the beginning, the leaders sought to build a culture where people are truly welcomed:  an open place of worship, liberty, and learning. 






Believing that the Anglican tradition is suppose to be alive, we are serious and yet love to laugh; we aim for beautify in music, furnishing, and language, but it must be homegrown.  We offer worship services for adults and children alike.

Emmaus Children


Emmaus dramatic



We love to bring the key moments of the Bible to life, dramatically.



Emmaus rafting

We believe it is important for all ages to play together, as well as pray and serve together.  One of the great highlights of playing together was the Water Rafting event, which took place in July 2010 and brought together youth and families.

Community Outreach is an important part of our ministry.  We strive to serve God in the community, especially those Jesus called "the least of these." 

Emmaus outreach


In addition to participating in many individual efforts at a variety of charitable and civic organizations, we serve as a group at the St. Francis Center, a day-center for Denver's homeless, and at the semi-annual 9 Cares/Colorado Shares food drives benefiting the Douglas/Elbert Task Force.




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