Love for the Least


Love for the Least is committed to "Reaching the World's Least Reached with the Healing Love of Christ."


Working with family and friends who support them through prayer, encouragement, and giving financially, Fr. K, Stacy, Nina, and Blaise K have planted churches in Africa, grown an orphanage for abandoned children, made inroads into East Africa, and helped launch a church planting movement.  They depend entirely on financial support from friends and other supporters who are helping to advance the proclamation of the Gospel in Islamic Africa.

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The 10/40 Window has only 2,000 full-time missionaries currently at work and receives only 1/2 of 1% of every church dollar.  Love for the Least is engaged in ministry in an area having 1.2 million souls, 98% of whom have little or no exposure to the Gospel.

Makonge Village in the Kuria District of Kenya is one of this East African nation’s poorest regions.  Seventy percent of adults in the village are young widows. There are no young men; they have all died from AIDS or tribal violence. There is no electricity, no clean water, no meds or clinic, no decent school. Love for the Least shared the love of Christ by proclaiming the Good News and bringing solar lights and water filtration kits.

water_LoveLeastThe transformation was AMAZING! Dirty river water, often with cholera and typhoid, became clean and drinkable. Kerosene lights — the fumes of which kill more people annually than AIDS, TB & Measles combined — which require expensive fuel, were instantly replaced. The joy was overwhelming, our village friends praising God. Our goal is now to put a Bible, a solar light and a water filitration kit in all 42 homes. The entire cost is $100.00.

Contributions can be made by going to the website.